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Utilize Our Long Island Home Improvement Services to Complete Your Next Dream Home

Home improvements and renovations can go from planned and predicted to over budget and costly. If you’re trying to avoid that turn of events, contact the best in Long Island home improvement businesses. At Eli Construction, you’ll find experienced and prepared crew members that can help with your master suite reno, playroom addition, or back… read more

Trust Your Repairs and Updates to Our Long Island Home Improvement Business

Home improvements and repairs are not only irritating but can become costly as well. If your residential space is in need of some TLC, contact our Long Island home improvement contracting business today! At Eli Construction, you’ll find fully qualified workers ready to assess the damage and offer the appropriate repairs and improvements. With experience… read more

Don’t Wait to Schedule Your Long Island Home Improvements! Our Crew is Ready to Handle Your Fix-Ups Now!

When you’ve got the renovating bug, there’s no escaping upgrades or changes to your home or outdoor space. If your family is looking to schedule long island home improvement projects as soon as possible, you’ve contacted the right person for the job. At Eli Construction, we are able to perform a variety of services including… read more

Looking to Complete Some Long Island Home Improvement Projects? Eli Construction Can Handle the Task

If you’ve got the itch to finally build that deck, a bigger master closet, or an expansive garage, contact Eli Construction for the job. Our professional and experienced contracting crew can handle any Long Island home improvement projects you may have on hand. If you’re interested in masonry, we can help! Building with stone is… read more