Roofing 101

Algae: Rooftop fungus that can leave dark stains on roofing. Angled Fasteners: Roofing nails and staples driven into decks at angles not parallel to the deck. Apron Flashing: Metal flashing used at chimney fronts. ARMA: Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Organization of roofing manufacturers. Asphalt: A bituminous waterproofing agent used in various types of roofing materials.… read more

Copper gutters

Now a days, when looking for increasing the value of your home, considering both aesthetics and practicality should be a big focus point. Copper gutters are a very good selling point. The attractiveness of these starts on it’s vintage look but its not limited to that. The material alone it is extra durable. Perfect for… read more

Reliable Residential Roofing Contractors

The weather outside is frightful and if your home is losing heat then your energy bill is also likely to be pretty frightful. If your home isn’t properly insulated then you could be wasting money every single month without every even knowing about it. Proper insulation can keep your home cozy and save you on… read more

Professional Residential Roofing in 11967

The decision to get a new roof installed is a big one. There are so many things to consider when you are making this decision, including which company to use, how much you want to spend, and the type of roofing you want to get. We have years of experience and have become the premier… read more

Hamptons Roofing contractors you can count on

If you are looking for the most reliable Hamptons roofing contractors, you have found the right guys!  Eli Construction is Eastern Long Island’s premier residential and commercial roof contractor.We offer a wide selection of fast, reliable, and affordable roofing services. Contact us today to get started on your next project!… read more

The best Long Island roofing contractors

Look no further, we are the best Long Island roofing contractors! We have been the number 1 full service exterior contractor throughout all of Suffolk County for over 20 years! We have constructed thousands of new beautiful homes, understanding our customers unique needs and completing the job to satisfaction!… read more

The leaders in roofing repairs

Eli Construction can handle any type of roofing repairs. From small repairs to full replacements, we’ve got the experience to do the job. With over 25 years in business you can be sure that we will get the job done right, and at an affordable price. We are the best roofing contractor on Long Island!… read more

Professional siding in Long Island

Eli Construction provides the best professional siding in Long Island. Your satisfaction is our passion, so we take every measure to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards. We use premium building materials, and our team is highly trained in a wide range of practices.… read more