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Our Long Island Contractors will Guarantee Your Satisfaction

If you’re not satisfied with your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or other space, we can help! At Eli Construction, you’ll find a dedicated team of Long Island Contractors to come through for you. Our professional team will make sure to install your new floors, drywall, or other products. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! Get started… read more

Take Advantage of Our Commercial Roofing Contractor for Your Home Renovations

When your business’ space needs some improvement, we can help. With Eli Construction, you’ll find a commercial roofing contractor that is prepared to help with your repairs as quickly as possible. Our team of educated and professional roofers can offer advice on the best methods needed to repair your roof in an affordable manner. Don’t… read more

Roofing Contractors in Long Island Aren’t All Created Equal

Your roofing needs should be addressed as quickly as possibly. If you need simple repairs or a full installation, contact our ┬ároofing contractors in Long Island. Our team of professionals will be able to advise on your best options for an affordable fix. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! Get started with a free quote.… read more

Our Residential Roofing Contractors Will Treat Your Home with Respect!

Are you tired of repairmen and contractors strutting through your home with dirty work boots? If that’s the case, contact our residential roofing contractors for your next job. With Eli Construction, you’ll find a respectful, professional, and courteous crew to offer your installation or repairs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Get started as soon… read more

Don’t Settle with Sub Par Commercial Roof Repair! Contact the Best in the Business for Your Commercial Space

Roofs, unfortunately, do not last a lifetime. If your business’ building has seen better days, it might be time for a fix up. With our commercial roof repairs, you’ll notice a tremendous difference. As we have the years of experience you need and want, we’ll fulfill and exceed all your expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact… read more

Our Roofing Installation Team Can Help with Your Repairs and Roof Installation

When your family home or commercial business experiences wear and tear or dirt build up on your roof, know who to call to fix the situation. With Eli Construction, you’ll find a completely reliable and affordable roofing installation team. Whether you need simple repairs or a completely new roof, we’re here to help. Don’t fumble… read more

Our Long Island Contractors Are There for Your Home Improvement Needs

This summer you may get the renovation bug. If that’s the case, contact your Long Island contractors for the job. At Eli Construction, you’ll find the best possible insured, licensed, and professional crew at your fingertips. As we have experience in roofing, installation, and other trades, you’ll be pleased with the end result. Contact us… read more

Let Our Commercial Roofing Contractor Come Through for You

Searching for the perfect commercial roofing contractor? At Eli Construction, we’ve done the research for you! We only provide the highest quality repairs and installations for your commercial space. As we supply experienced and qualified roofers and contractors to complete your general or custom job, you’ll be pleased with the final product. Head online today… read more