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With Our Roofing Installation Services, You’ll Have a Weatherproof Home!

With the various weather, wind, rain, snow, hail, etc. affecting your family, you’ll want to make sure your home is fully protected. With Eli Construction, your family and home can have a weather proof and water tight roof. Our roofing installation process is guaranteed to produce a product that will last for years to come. As we… read more

Make Sure Your Residential Roofing Contractor in the 11967 Area is Prepared!

When you’re looking to find the best possible residential roofing contractor in the 11967 area, get started with Eli Construction. With our skilled, bonded, licensed, and insured employees you’ll find the best possible contracting experience available. If you’re looking to add that sun room, extend your master suite, or strengthen your foundation, we can help!… read more

Trust Your Repairs and Updates to Our Long Island Home Improvement Business

Home improvements and repairs are not only irritating but can become costly as well. If your residential space is in need of some TLC, contact our Long Island home improvement contracting business today! At Eli Construction, you’ll find fully qualified workers ready to assess the damage and offer the appropriate repairs and improvements. With experience… read more

Our Long Island Contractors Can Offer You the Best Insulation Services

When you’re looking for the best solution to your rising utility bills, contact Eli Construction for the job.  Our Long Island Contractors are able to offer the best possible insulation services.  Adding custom insulation to your home will prevent the transfer of air, hot or cold, from outside your home.  With our affordable pricing paired… read more

Our Commercial Roofing Contractor Can Perform Your Roof Installation

When you’ve noticed a sagging or leaky roof on your commercial building’s roof, you’ll want to address the situation as soon as possible. With our commercial roofing contracting service, you’ll have the best crew at your disposal. When working with Eli Construction, your building will be in safe hands. We are certified, licensed, and insured… read more

With Our Roofing Contractors in Long Island, You’ll Have the best Experience

When you’re trying to find the fastest and easiest way to repair your roof, we can help! At Eli Construction, you’ll find the best roofing contractors in Long Island. Because our staff understands the concept of professionalism and detail oriented work, we will complete your jobs on time and on budget. Don’t live with your… read more

Don’t Try to Fix Those Leaks on Your Own! Give Our Residential Roofing Rontractors a Call

After snow or hail storms, your roof may have some leaky shingles. When you’re looking to fix that damaged roof, our residential roofing contractors are who you need to call. With Eli Construction, you’ll find the best and most experienced construction team in the industry. Don’t try and take on the damage and repairs on… read more

Is Your Business Falling Apart? Contact Us for Your Commercial Roof Repair

As soon as you notice leaks in your roof or missing shingles, you’ll want to schedule repairs as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your building. Thankfully, we are there for  you when the time comes time for your commercial roof repair! At Eli Construction, you’ll be offered the highest quality services paired with… read more

Looking for the Best Roofing Installation Team? Give Eli Construction a Call

Making sure your home is safe as well as appealing at all times is nearly impossible. When storms, general wear and tear, family members, or other culprits have damaged your roof, give our team a call!  Our team of expert and professionally trained employees are the best roofing installation team in the business. If you’ve… read more

Don’t Hire Just Anyone for Your Residential Roofing Needs in 11967

When you’re looking to spruce up your home’s roof, call your expert residential roofing company in the 11967 area. With our additions to your family home including repairs as well as installations, you’ll finally have a reason to show off your space! At Eli Construction, you may notice our perfect mix of budget and affordable… read more